– Slide Slider Responsive Anything And Carousel Content Html I created a simple web form using Laravel 5.1.46.

I've installed and configured- https://github.com/Propaganistas/Laravel-FakeId to obfuscate the model id.

After updating the model and returning to the view, I'm getting this error:

NotFoundHttpException in FakeIdServiceProvider.php line 90

I followed the instructions to install the package, update providers with the new class, everything seems ok:

php artisan fakeid:setup - FakeId configured correctly.


public function boot(Router $router) { parent::boot($router);Anything – Responsive And Carousel Slider Html Content Slide $router->fakeIdModel('users', 'App\User'); $router->fakeIdModel('applications', 'App\Application');Colorado Id Scannable Ids Fake Cards Legitfakeid pqrTp7Fx }


use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; use Propaganistas\LaravelFakeId\FakeIdTrait; class Application extends Model { use FakeIdTrait; ... }


public function update(Request $request, Application $application) { $input = array_except(Input::all(), '_method'); //Updating application info $application->update($input); return view('application.application_edit', compact('application'))->with('message', 'Success_Update'); }


Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth'],Ceo id Chairman And Gino Nxt Pereira Crunchbase CwnO7HqUO function () { //Application Route::resource('applications', 'ApplicationController');Ophthalmic Lasers 2019 By Demand Market Boost Dominated Players zp7wzfqBW Route::post('applications', '[email protected]'France Account Banking Guide Opening To Expat A French In Bank rrOFxnw5q); });

Am I missing something?


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