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Posted: 10:51 AM, Jan 27, 2016
Updated: 4:51 PM, Jan 27, 2016

New York State is cracking down on underage drinking, making sure boozers are of legal age.

The state is working to make sure bar bouncers can easily tell if the ID in your hand is legal.

Messages Iphone Spam Unwanted Insider How Message To Business Stop "It's a tough battle out there with technology today," Jay Manno said. Manno owns Soho Burger Bar on Chippewa Street. He says underage drinking is a big concern in his restaurant and with bars around his.

"The last thing you want is someone underage and irresponsible wrapping their car around a tree or hurting someone else or themselves," Manno said.

The governor's office has a brochure for bar owners and workers, teaching them how to spot a fake or forged ID.

Manno thinks this is highly valuable, especially in the city's Entertainment District. "I'm a notoriously tough place to get in for underage drinkers and I'd be a fool to think someone doesn't slip through the cracks on a busy night," Manno said.

With a business boom around downtown Buffalo and the increase in tourists to the area, Manno says the crowd is changing on Chippewa. He says that helps keep underage drinking to a minimum.

"We're all trying to get a little older crowd because it saves those headaches and helps our reputation as a whole," Manno said.

Bar servers and wait staff at many restaurants are also trained in alcohol awareness and the dangers of over-serving.

Everyone in the state will have a new ID once their old one expires.



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